Annotation Type Context

public @interface Context

The method is for checking wether the clazz confirm with the Context contract and verify wether the Context . Contract valid as following :

 1. Every Context must be annotated with @Context.
 2. Every Context @Target has value of the Context Interface (CI)
 3. Context Member(CM) must be <i>class member</i> of the Context it self.
 4. CM is annotation which is targetted for FIELD, or METHOD and must be annotated with @ContextMemberType
 5. @ContextMemberType on CM is to match data type of a field, and return type of a METHOD.
    - The CI field datatype must be assignable from implementation datatype
    - The CI method parameter  and return type must be assignable to Context Implementation Object (CIO) method.
 6. CM @Target for ElementType.METHOD must be annotated with @ContextMemberMethod
 7. @ContextMemberMethod will bind particular CI method, based on method name, and parameter type


Required Element Summary
 java.lang.Class<?> value
          Value of the Context Interface

Element Detail


public abstract java.lang.Class<?> value
Value of the Context Interface

Context Interface class

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